Knox Generation Founding Friends

This purpose of this page is to honor those amazing people who’ve helped support Knox Generation, a spoken-word poetry program for Knox-area teens. It’s easy to get behind something when it’s already a hit, but these are the people who showed us love from the beginning, who’ve put their trust in our vision and efforts. For that, we’re incredibly grateful!

Donation Levels

Mega Founding Friend = $50+ donation

Super Special Founding Friend = $20-$49

Founding Friend = $10-19


Mega Founding Friends

Anonymous Person 1 (we’ll call you Beatrice)

Anonymous Person 2 (we’ll call you Portia)

Scott Keigan

Jennifer Farrell

Laura Keigan

Anonymous Person 3 (we’ll call you Horatio)

Michael Redman (for his amazing fundraising efforts)

The 5th Woman Poetry Slam & attendees


Super Special Founding Friends

LesLee Stinson

Andrew Hock

Alyssa Peterpaul

Anonymous Person 4 (we’ll call you Hermoine)

Beth Nelson

Steven Rodgers


Founding Friends

None to report – but you can change that!