LifeWords Literature Seminars to Begin August 21st

The beginning of August brings with it the end of summer vacation and the start of a new school year. This semester, a new set of students can be added to the roster: residents at Sherrill Hills Retirement Community!

LifeWords Literature Seminars Display

LifeWords Literature Seminars display at Sherrill Hills’s Lifestyle Showcase

LifeWords Literature Seminars will hold its first meeting Friday, August 21st. This pilot program –  developed and facilitated by Own the Boards – is a lifelong-learning initiative advocating the discussion, memorization, and performance of literature. Participants will explore a range of literature each meeting and practice recitation and public speaking techniques to better present these pieces. Our goal is to help residents stay sharp, strengthen social bonds, and learn something new.

The theme for our first meeting will be “Why Literature?” We’re going to delve into participants’ literary backgrounds and use selected pieces to explore the benefits of reading, talking about, and performing literature.

Here’s to a fabulous new semester!