Uploading Instructions

Step One: Login

Click the link to your chosen playlist. If you’re not already logged into your Google account, you’ll see a blank window like the following. Click “login” and enter your information.


After logging in to your account, you should see the following box, with several upload options.


Step Two: Select Upload Method

1) Upload

If you’ve previously recorded a video, click “Upload.”



For “Category,” pick “Entertainment.”


After you have selected your file, click “Upload.”

2) My YouTube Videos

If you’ve already uploaded a video to another YouTube channel, and you want to add it to an OTB playlist, select “My YouTube Videos.” Be sure your title and description already include the necessary information, if available: the title of your piece, it’s author, and where it appears within longer work.


3) Webcam

You may also record a video directly to the OTB playlists by selecting “Webcam.” You will be prompted to chose a profile, after which you’ll be taken to the following screen.


Upon clicking “Record for Webcam,” the following window will appear.


After selecting “Start Recording”, the following pop-up will appear. Click “OK,” and your video will begin recording.



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